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Under the pen name of Chrome Oxide I write humorous science fiction and fantasy. However, I've been accused of writing murder mysteries since I murder the English language and it's a mystery how I get published.

When people ask why I write humorous science fiction and fantasy, I explain that my reality check bounced.

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July 6, 2015 - What is my writing process?

What is my writing process?

As far as I can tell, a typical writer starts by creating a plot. As part of that process the writer also creates characters and the world in which the plot takes place.

My process is very different.

I carry a notebook with me, and jot down notes of anything that interests me. It could be something I heard on the radio, something I saw while driving, or something heard in a conversation.

When I come up with an idea that I think is funny (usually a joke or scene), or has the potential to be funny, that idea goes to the top of my notes file. Why funny? I have tried writing stories without a humorous element, and never seem able to finish them. When I try working on something I think is funny, I have a much easier time thinking about it and working on it until I have something that works.

The next step in my process is to develop a scene where that joke or incident can take place. While I am creating the scene, which I do by writing it up, I am starting to create the world and the characters. I usually rewrite the scene multiple times until I feel that it works for me.

At this point I still don't have a plot, and only have minimal characters and a world. What I do have is a humorous scene that inspires me enough to continue developing.

Part of my process is trying to figure out what other jokes or humorous scenes are appropriate for the original idea.

If I can't come up with anything else funny, then the idea can be turned into a piece of flash fiction.

If I can come up with more jokes or events for that world or character, then I keep adding to the original. This helps me develop the world and characters. Somewhere in this process I manage to figure out a plot where I can place the humorous incidents I've been creating.

While this process works for flash fiction and short stories, so far it hasn't provided me with any ideas I think will work as a novel.

However, it has helped me develop three different worlds in which to place additional stories. One of those worlds I created now has continuing characters.

- Chrome Oxide


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