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Under the pen name of Chrome Oxide I write humorous science fiction and fantasy. However, I've been accused of writing murder mysteries since I murder the English language and it's a mystery how I get published.

When people ask why I write humorous science fiction and fantasy, I explain that my reality check bounced.

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June 15, 2015 - When Did I Realize I Was A Writer?

When Did I Realize I Was A Writer?

I never did. :-)

Since I started writing a few years ago I've only managed one professional sale. I didn't think one sale made me a writer. A one hit blunder, maybe, but not a writer. However, my writers group disagreed with me. They told me that being a writer is not a question of sales. A writer is someone who writes. Therefore, using their criterion, I am a writer.

One of the reasons why I didn't consider myself a writer was that I didn't start writing until a few years before my first sale. The only writing I'd done prior to that was for school assignments. I didn't even have a journal.

What started me writing was one day I read a story that featured what was supposed to be at the very least an average intelligence protagonist. As I read the story, I came to the conclusion that the protagonist was a below average intelligence individual. As I continued reading, my estimates of the protagonist's intelligence kept dropping. I even found myself hoping the protagonist would be killed by the antagonist. While not stated, the protagonist managed to be very lucky. By the end of the story the protagonist survived to live happily ever after. My conclusion at finishing the story was that anyone that dumb should not have been able to survive.

While I was reading the story I refused to believe the author would feature a protagonist who was that dumb. I kept believing something would change. I was wrong. By the time I was half way through the story, I started rooting for the antagonist to kill the protagonist.

Upon finishing the story I was so upset that the protagonist not only survived but lived happily ever after that I sat down and wrote a zombie flash fiction. I decided that only a zombie could manage to look as intelligent as the narrator of that story.

When I finished writing my flash story, I sent it off to a friend who is a writer. She told me that while my story showed some small amount of talent, it would require work to become good. With that encouragement I started writing and attending her writers group. After a few years, I managed to become the published finalist in The Writers of the Future, volume 29. Since that time I have continued to write and collect rejections. I'm looking forward to collecting a few sales.

So, while I don't think of myself as a writer, the members of my writers groups do.

However, I wouldn't be upset if I managed another sale. :-)

I write, therefore I am a writer.

- Chrome Oxide


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