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Under the pen name of Chrome Oxide I write humorous science fiction and fantasy. However, I've been accused of writing murder mysteries since I murder the English language and it's a mystery how I get published.

When people ask why I write humorous science fiction and fantasy, I explain that my reality check bounced.

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April 30, 2015 - Why A Duck Blog?

I was recently counting my vast number of professional sales (one) and realized that I have twice that number of fans. With that large number in mind, I decided it wasn't time for me to start a blog. Instead, on an irregular basis, I will be dropping my pellets of wisDumb for all and sundry to gape at.

While I understand that a writer with my track record (I never participated in track or any other sports) might not have anything of value to my readership, or anyone else for that matter, I don't think that should restrain me from trying.

For anyone that has read this far, good luck. You'll need it. Until next time, I'll end this post with the modified words of a horror movie host from Los Angeles in the 1970s.

Keep that card, letter and email coming.

- Chrome Oxide


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