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December 5, 2021. Unified Manufacturing, a company that manufactures t-shirts, CDs, DVDs, Vinyl, Posters and packaging just submitted an article on the cost of releasing your audio product on vinyl.

This post is sponsored by Unified Manufacturing.

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vinyl records

This post is sponsored by Unified Manufacturing.

How much does it cost to press 100 vinyl records?

The vinyl format has been gaining more and more attention. Though last year was the highest it has been since its replacement, not every musician has released in them.

Who can blame them though, when there is no way of knowing if they'll be able to continue their popularity. And what's more, vinyl is known to be expensive to make.

If you were one of those musicians who chose to wait it out and are now wondering how much vinyl pressing costs, then this article is for you.

For starters, vinyl pressing has become a lot more feasible for indie musicians. Pressing plants have been offering short-run vinyl pressing where you can order copies lower than 250. If you're from LA, then you should try Unified Manufacturing small run vinyl pressing. They don't only offer short-run vinyl pressings, they also have CD and cassette tape duplications as well as merchandise printing.


If you're wondering how many copies you should be ordering for your first vinyl album, then I suggest you go with 100 units.

You might be asking why I suggested 100. For one, this is a safe number where you can still easily get the ROI from making your master .And it will be easier to sell out, I guarantee you.

So, if you're on a tight budget and you still want to test the waters, then this number is just right. It's just the right amount of risk, so to speak.


The average cost of one vinyl is $18 but if you press more, it could be as low as $10.

For Unified Manufacturing, they have an estimated cost of $1850 for the vinyl pressing of a hundred copies. Here's the breakdown that they laid out on their website:

 Cost Element  Average Cost   Cost for 100 copies 
 Vinyl Pressing  $18.5  $1850
 Test Pressing  $120  $120
 Vinyl Record Sleves   $2  $200

This estimated cost can change though because vinyl has become a much more customizable audio format as the years pass by.


Every vinyl manufacturing plant will give you an underestimate, that's for sure. There will be fees that won't be covered in their quotation because there are some factors that could affect the expenses of vinyl pressing.

Here are some of the factors why your custom vinyl pressing for your custom vinyl records might increase or decrease.

#1 Size and weight of the record

There are three standard sizes of the vinyl format (7", 10", and the standard 12") with each having a standard weight and heavyweight (140 g, 150g, 180g and even 200g). The size and the weight will, of course, affect the cost of your custom vinyl pressing.

Generally, the smallest the sizes and the lighter the weight, the cheaper it will be.

#2 Design for the vinyl record

Vinyl records have become much more customizable. It's way past those colored custom vinyl records and picture discs. Vinyl records can now have their own unique shape and can even glow in the dark.

Vinyl records can also hold just about anything within them. It may be glitters, leaves or petals, and you can even have your blood in them. You can also have scented vinyl records if you want to.

What's even better is that etchings can also be added on your custom vinyl record. They may not be playable though so if you have a whole side etched, then you can't have a track pressed on it. Another awesome customization is to have a loop on them. You can have it placed at the end of your album or may be at the middle of it. It'd be fun, I'm sure.

These customizations may be cool and super awesome, but they come with a price. I advise you to think about it carefully and decide on it with a clear mind. If you're budget can't afford these customizations, then you can opt for the standard black, they're not anyless really.

#3 Type of jacket and inner sleeve

There are different types of jackets and inner sleeves available. The most basic are the single sleeve and gatefold jackets and the paper and anti-static inner sleeves.

For the jackets, it depends on how many records you have for your album. Just know that gatefold jackets are more expensive since they have more space and can hold one more vinyl record.

For the inner sleeves, the cheaper one is the paper inner sleeve and this is the most recommended since it'll be too expensive to have all your records on anti-static ones. But if you've got money to spare then by all means, do what you want to do. Another reason why most musicians choose paper inner sleeves is the fact that they can be printed, and that's what they're really after - additional artwork space.

#4 Jacket and inner sleeve artwork

Your design matters, if you have a colorful design then expect it to be costlier than with just 2-4 colors on them. If you want to save some money or just can't afford to spend more on their packaging, then I suggest you try having a design with one color being printed on a mono-colored background. To further lower the costs, I suggest you have plain colored inner sleeves instead of having those printed ones.

#5 Presence of a UPC

I assume you already know what a UPC is. UPC is another term for barcode, so if you're not planning on selling your albums in record stores or shops, then you're required to spend money on them.

It'll cost you $20 if you order with a UPC.

And it ends here. I hope you got a good gauge of how much you should prepare for your custom vinyl pressing. It might not be as cheap as digital but it's worth the money!

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